A new generation of point of care

Questat is a start-up company leveraging the founding entrepreneurs’ decades of experience** and subject matter expertise, in the development of point of care blood analysis systems.


We firmly believe in near patient testing and we are committed to delivering high-quality products and services, that patients and providers can rely on for consistently accurate and actionable information.


We deploy unique innovative technologies, that not only transform diagnostic products, but also expand into new platforms and solutions with superior health and economic outcomes.


From https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/theranos-is-gone-but-single-drop-testing-is-not-300707449.html about devices that run many tests from one small blood sample: 


"these systems do already exist. The Abbott Laboratories i-STAT System handheld blood analyzer can perform tests for common blood gases, electrolytes, chemistries, hematocrit, blood clotting, and glucose on fingerstick samples, as well as tests for several cardiac biomarkers in venous or arterial blood. Its disposable test cartridges are FDA approved and many of them are CLIA waived. Results are returned by the device in minutes. The cartridges test for around a dozen analytes on a single sample.

The epoc Blood Analysis System by Siemens Healthineers competes with the i-STAT in critical care and hospital settings. The system includes a wireless handheld reader that accepts a test card. The epoc BGEM Test Card performs multiple blood gas and metabolite tests (pH, pCO2, pO2, sodium, potassium, ionized calcium, chloride, glucose, lactate, creatinine, and hematocrit) on a single 92 microliter blood sample. It can accept capillary blood samples, as well as arterial or venous blood. The company received 510(k) clearance in February 2018 to add blood urea nitrogen and total carbon dioxide tests to its test card."